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Liquor Licence Compliance Audit - Never Miss It!


A Liquor Licence Compliance Audit (LCA) is like going for a regular medical checkup.   It's not something to look forward to, but boy, aren't you glad you did when you (1) either get a clean bill of health or (2) something can be fixed because you didn't postpone.   Need we say more?  Liquor regulations, the interpretation by inspectors and the enforcement are constantly changing.   If you don't have a LCA at least once a year, you are walking a licensing tightrope!

An LCA provides a licence road map to current or potential liquor licence holders.  Why is this important?   Apart from being very convenient, it gives a clear picture of what is required to get a liquor licence or the keep a liquor licence valid.   More importantly – getting up to date licensing information is the best way of ensuring your won’t be fined or face legal action.   

The old saying -  better safe, than sorry (and "poorer") – applies!

Contact Us today and let's discuss your licence compliance checkup. 

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