About Applications

The time for approval of a liquor licence will mainly depend on :

  1. Your liquor licence consultant – Use a Professional who is known to pursue the application after lodgement.  You need a motivated consultant who spends time and effort to report on progress and to demand performance from role players(SAP / liquor boards) when required;


  1. The quality of the application - Appoint a consultant who is known for quality applications - not one template for all applications. This will -
  • prevent any delay in approval, and
  • create an opportunity for a faster approval of your application.


  1. How often the liquor board convenes meetings -  The more times the Liquor Board meets, the sooner your application may be approved.  In some provinces liquor boards meet once every month and in other provinces 5 times a week.


It is advisable to make use of a liquor licence consultant or lawyer.

Drafting a proper and motivated application for a liquor licence is a highly specialized field of expertise. It is not advisable for an inexperienced individual to handle his/her own application. A lot of experience, as well as practical, administrative and legal expertise is required to prepare and present a properly drafted and motivated application.


Ensure that your liquor licence consultant complies to the following :


1. Fee – “Cheap is usually expensive!”

Don’t focus on the fee only – You may win the “Fee battle”(Cheap fee), but lose the Application war(long approval time). If you pay "peanuts", you will get "monkeys"!


2. Experience – There is no substitute!

Practical experience is essential! Don’t jeopardise your business venture by appointing an amateur consultant.


3. Success - LiquorWise has a 99% success record!

No application of ours has been refused due to a lack of motivation!


4. Qualification – Knowledge & Skill is non-negotiable!

Formal legal training is required if you want a consultant who can guide you through the loopholes and legal concepts of the application process.


5. Infrastructure – You need back up, all the way!

Ensure that your consultant is backed up by skilled staff and reliable infrastructure.




Each province has its own liquor act, which determines which liquor licences may be applied for in that specific province. Licences fall into two main categories - On Consumption and Off Consumption.   Contact Us for the liquor licences available in your province.

  1. On Consumption Liquor Licences (Buy and drink on the premises)
  • Restaurantliquor licence;
  • Pub / Sport barliquor licence;
  • Clubliquor licence;
  • Theatre liquor licence;
  • Hotelliquor licence;
  • Special event / Temporary licence;
  1. Off ConsumptionLiquor Licences (Buy and take away to drink elsewhere
      • Liquor store liquor licence;
      • Distribution (Wholesale) liquor licence
      • Grocers' wine ("supermarket") liquor licence;
      • Micro-Manufacturers liquor licence
      • Wine farmers' liquor licence;
      • Special liquor licence;
      • Producers' liquor licence;
      • “Internet” liquor licence;


Any person who is not disqualified.   The current liquor acts of the various provinces list the following characteristics as disqualifying a person :

  • Persons who served a prison sentence without the option of a fine in the preceding 10 years;
  • An unrehabilitated insolvent;
  • A minor(younger than 18 years of age);
  • Thespouse of any of the above;
  • A person, who had previously been a licence holder, but whose licence had been withdrawn (cancelled) by the liquor board.