Renewals / Changes / Transfers


There are a number of changes which often occur in a licensed business. A licence holder must apply for approval beforehand and to prevent illegal trading. The most common changes are the following :


  • a new licence holder takes over (in case of a sale of the licensed business);
  • a new manager is appointed;
  • the business moves to a new premises;
  • structural alterations to the premises (existing area expanded, changed/added to);
  • shares in the business are sold (change in controlling interest of the business);


Contact Us to assist you to get these changes approved.  If not, you will be trading illegally.    Leave it to the professionals and enjoy more time to focus on your business!

Yes, all provincial liquor licences, as well as national Distribution/Manufacturing licences must be renewed annually.

The fee depends on the kind of liquor licence. In most provinces the fees are payable on or before the 31 December of each year.  In Gauteng it is payable within 12 months from the date on which the licence was issued. Distribution/Manufacturing licence holders are also required to submit a set of forms containing details of annual turnover and related information.

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Ensure your Liquor Licence is renewed in time!

Yes, a licence may be moved from one premises to another, but in some provinces it isn’t possible.

Contact Us to ensure you know whether the liquor licence in question is able of being transferred. If you are not the current licence holder, contact us to ensure the liquor licence is valid and therefore transferable before you make any payment or agree to pay.

Yes, but it will be subject to the Liquor Board's approval of the person buying or receiving the liquor licence.

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