• Benefits of using the services of Liquorwise :
  • Free Liquor laws for each province - For explanation of any law, Contact Us.
  • Free Liquor Board Agendas - Free agendas of Liquor Board meetings - Only a few provinces make their agendas available.   Be the first to see the outcome of your application or of your competitors.
  • LiquorWise Blog - Read interesting and important articles on the latest developments in liquor licensing in South Africa.  
  • Latest Liquor Licensing News - Highlights of current events are featured on our homepage - often reported first(Full text articles on the LiquorWiseBlog)
  • Progress Reports on your application - Your receive regular progress reports, whether your liquor board has progressed with your application or not.   
  • Practical guidelines to enable the licence holder to safely navigate the liquor licence environment. We tell you what to do and how to do it.
  • Applications made easy - Advice on applications of all kinds of liquor licences, drafted by legally qualified, professional liquor licensing experts.
  • Simple explanation of liquor laws and how it affects each individual licence holder.
  • Newsletter - Regular newsletters keep the licence holder up to date with important licensing matters.
  • Frequently Asked Questions : Support by answering you questions.
  • Liquor law experts: LiquorWise consist of a network of qualified and experienced Liquor law experts and consultants.
  • LiquorWise Membership : Membership is advised for al liquor-licence holders. It is free, but not cheap. LiquorWise Members receive liquor licensing information on a preferential basis.
  • Licensing is our game - No sideshows or gimmicks. Contact LiquorWise and you can talk licensing.
  • The Licence Co - share in the experience and knowledge base of our other licensing services.

To join, Register as a member here or clicking on the  "Contact Us" link on our home page.

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Want to increase your fee income?  This option offers :
  • A golden opportunity to earn additional fee income;
  • Peace of mind regarding advice on liquor licence applications;
  • A chance to add value to your service to your important commercial clients;
  • An opportunity to attract valuable, new commercial clients.

Contact Us on 084-424-1966 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and find out how you can manage this opportunity.


Why do most attorneys shy away from liquor licence applications?

  • The majority of towns generate insufficient numbers of applications to justify the time and research required to offer such a specialized service.
  • Lack of specialist knowledge of Liquor Acts and constant changes to the legislation and Liquor Board guidelines;
  • The risk of incurring liability by giving advice without being up to date is too high.


 What does LiquorWise offer you as the attorney?

  • Advice and support - Free advice from qualified legal practictioners, who will advise you on the opportunities for liquor licence work and collection of the information required.
  • Drafting of applications - You mandate us to draft the relevant application for a predetermined invoiced fee, which you may recover from your client. You pay us the agreed invoiced amount and debit your fee for the balance.
  • Proven track record - LiquorWise has a proven track record. You may contact attorneys who have made use of our services. We assist large attorney firms with great success.
  • Retain and impress your client - You retain your client for future liquor licence instructions and related commercial instructions, which is the financial backbone of the majority of legal firms.

Don't let your business walk out your door to your competition.  They will welcome your clients with open arms.   Why not choose to generate extra fee income?

Contact Us on 084-424-1966 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will contact you regarding the way in which you would like to manage this opportunity.

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A liquor licence can be the most important asset of business - impacting directly on the profitability of a business. 

You therefore need to be up to date with the current liquor law affecting your liquor licence, its application by the SAP and its interpretation by the liquor board.

You don't need to employ a full-time, in-house liquor licence expert to enable you to answer queries by the local police office, the public or liquor board.  Just Register as a member of LiquorWise (free) and enjoy the Benefits of Membership, as well as the following :

  • We can establish the current status of your liquor licence. Licences are often renewed annually without having been properly transferred to the buyer.
  • We can answer your regular queries, saving you time and money (i.e. lawyer fees / long awaited reply from your liquor board).
  • We can assist you when :
    • You want to extend your premises.
    • You want to transfer your licence to another premises.
    • You sell your business, with :
      • The transfer of the liquor licence.
      • The drafting of an agreement of sale, which will have to ensure the transfer of the liquor licence.

Do not leave something as important as the legality of your liquor licence to chance.


Complete our Contact Us - Form or send us an Email with more detail.


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Guest house owners often think that they do not require a liquor licence to offer and serve liquor to their guests. This is definitely not the case.

Any establishment wishing to offer and serve liquor to its guests, requires a liquor licence.

Guest house owners usually spend an enormous amount of time and a lot of money to prepare their premises for their guests. Guests nowadays mostly take it for granted that they will be able to order an alcholic beverage of some kind at a guest house. Most owners offer and serve alcoholic beverages, but most often don't consider that they are illegaly serving liquor.

As a rule, applications for liquor licences for guest houses are not too involved and the rate of success is very good. Therefore, obtain a liquor licence and -

  • avoid the embarrassment of being served a compliance notice by the relevant local liquor inspector for illegally selling liquor.
  • increase your service offering by adding liquor as a choice to your guests ;
  • generate additional income from liquor sales, and
  • increase the value of your business by adding a liquor licence as an asset.

Don't delay - Contact us to assist you with your application for a liquor licence and be legal!

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