• Benefits of using the services of Liquorwise :
  • Free Liquor laws for each province - For explanation of any law, Contact Us.
  • Free Liquor Board Agendas - Free agendas of Liquor Board meetings - Only a few provinces make their agendas available.   Be the first to see the outcome of your application or of your competitors.
  • LiquorWise Blog - Read interesting and important articles on the latest developments in liquor licensing in South Africa.  
  • Latest Liquor Licensing News - Highlights of current events are featured on our homepage - often reported first(Full text articles on the LiquorWiseBlog)
  • Progress Reports on your application - Your receive regular progress reports, whether your liquor board has progressed with your application or not.   
  • Practical guidelines to enable the licence holder to safely navigate the liquor licence environment. We tell you what to do and how to do it.
  • Applications made easy - Advice on applications of all kinds of liquor licences, drafted by legally qualified, professional liquor licensing experts.
  • Simple explanation of liquor laws and how it affects each individual licence holder.
  • Newsletter - Regular newsletters keep the licence holder up to date with important licensing matters.
  • Frequently Asked Questions : Support by answering you questions.
  • Liquor law experts: LiquorWise consist of a network of qualified and experienced Liquor law experts and consultants.
  • LiquorWise Membership : Membership is advised for al liquor-licence holders. It is free, but not cheap. LiquorWise Members receive liquor licensing information on a preferential basis.
  • Licensing is our game - No sideshows or gimmicks. Contact LiquorWise and you can talk licensing.
  • The Licence Co - share in the experience and knowledge base of our other licensing services.

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