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The 3 Important Stages of a Liquor Licence Transfer :

When must a liquor licence be transferred?

 A liquor licence must be transferred when the licensed business is –

Who must transfer a liquor licence?

 Any of the following persons must transfer the liquor licence:

NB - The new licence holder must also sign the transfer application documents.

Which applications need to be submitted to transfer a liquor licence?

 3 applications are usually required to transfer a liquor licence :

How must a liquor licence be transferred?

The process of transferring a liquor licence is as follows :

What happens after approval of the application to transfer the liquor licence?

 The Liquor Board will inform the applicant in writing of the approval;

What should you do while waiting for approval of the application to transfer a liquor licence? 

You may not sell liquor until approval of the application to transfer the liquor licence.  However, you should apply for approval to sell liquor while you are waiting for the application of the licence transfer application.   The same conditions of the liquor licence will apply to the premises and licensee once the consent has been granted.

The Licence Co (Liquorwise division)

The Licence Co are liquor licence experts, doing this successfully for more than 15 years.  Trust us to ensure that the applications for the transfer of your liquor licence will be handled in a professional way.

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