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Liquor Licence On-Site Signage

Western Cape Liquor Act : Important On-Site Requirements

No fewer than 5 Notices have to be displayed on a licensed premises by Liquor licence holders in the Western Cape. This to ensure they comply to the conditions stipulated by the Licensing Tribunal and the Western Cape Liquor Act (“the Liquor Act”. Failure will result in being issued a a compliance notice or fined. One of the most important requirements refer to the sign to be displayed on the premises and refer to the following :


A Notice must be displayed on the front door or window of the licensed premises in characters not less than 5cm in height.


It must contain the following :

  • The name of the premises

    This must be the name as has been printed on the liquor licence.

  • The type of liquor licence issued

    The following has to be indicated, depending on the type of licence which applies to the particular premises :

    • “On Consumption” (restaurants, pubs, sport bars, clubs, function venues, taverns) or
    • “Off Consumption” (liquor stores, supermarkets, wine shops), or
    • "Micro Manufacturing"(micro breweries, distilleries, winemakers), or
    • On & Off Consumption" (restaurants, tasting rooms, hotels, winefarms, micro breweries, distilleries), or
    • *Events" (weddings, markets, sport events, cultural events, conferences,etc)
  • The trading hours

    The Municipality decides on the liquor trading hours in terms of Municipal By-Laws (Contact Us for the trading hours in a municipal area). If no by-law has been passed or isn't being applied, whatever the reason, the following default Liquor Act trading hours are applicable :

  • On Consumption - 11h00 – 02h00 (Mon – Sun)

  • Off Consumption - 09h00 – 18h00 (Mon – Sun)

  • The Licence Number

    This is the number to be found on the original liquor licence or renewal notice and which is preceded by the capital letters – “WCP”.* Contact Us at - 0844241966 / [email protected] - for advice on compliance to the Western Cape Liquor Act and liquor trading hours in your area.

Posted in English, Western Cape on Jul 10, 2020

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