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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is an On Consumption liquor licence?

    It licences you to sell liquor – 

    • ON a premises, and 
    • The liquor must be consumed ON the premises only

    Therefore, liquor cannot be taken out of the licensed premises to drink somewhere else.

  • What is an Off Consumption Liquor Licence?

    An "Off Consumption" liquor licence allows you to sell liquor –

    • FROM a premises or ONLINE (internet), BUT
    • The liquor must be taken away and consumed OFF the premises only

    What does this mean?

    This means the customer buys the liquor from you in the licensed premises, such as a Liquor Store.  But -  the customer cannot open the container and drink it in the shop where it was bought (such as a Liquor Store) .  The customer must take the liquor out of the door of the premises and drink it somewhere else outside the licensed premises where it was bought.   

  • What is a Distribution liquor licence?

    It is a National, Wholesale liquor licence, meaning the licence holder can sell liquor –

    • To retail liquor licence holders only
    • In all 9 provinces of South Africa
    • Online selling allowed and popular

    Contact Us for more information on how to Apply or Buy a Distribution Liquor Licence.  

  • What is a Micro Manufacturing liquor licence?

    It's a Provincial, Retail liquor licence, meaning that the licence holder can sell liquor : 

    • Manufactured ON the licensed premises only
    • To the public only
    • To be consumed either ON or OFF the premises
    • Within the provincial borders, and
    • Online marketing and selling is allowed (popular)
  • What is an On & Off consumption liquor licence?

    NB - It is a very valuable and scarce type of licence, because it combines all the benefits of an On Consumption liquor licence (restaurant) with an Off Consumption liquor licence (Liquor Store).   Exceptional circumstances must exist, to be successful with an application to the Liquor Board.

    Covid19 - This kind of licence has become even more valuable due to Covid19, because licence holders can also deliver liquor when they can't sell it on their premises.

    The Licence Holder can therefore sell liquor which can be consumed –

    • ON the premises it was sold, as well as
    • OFF the premises (liquor consumed away from the premises)

    Liquor Fact - Many people call this licence the "secret" liquor licence, because very few people know about it.

    Contact Us - We can qualify your business for an On & Off Consumption liquor licence. 

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