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New Liquor Licence

You're here because you want a new liquor licence.

You're either setting up a new business or improving an existing businesses by taking on financial risks to generate profit. 

We understand you wanted your liquor licence yesterday and hate dealing with forms and officials.

Therefore, we designed the LiquorWise website to make it easy for you to apply online for a liquor licence online.

You can do the following - 

NB - Before you start - complete the Membership application form : It takes a few seconds for a lot of value!


We'd like to hear from you - even if you aren't impressed with everything - so that we can improve it! 

Our aim is to assist licence holders with anything related to liquor licences.  We learn something new every day, so don't hesitate

to Contact Us.   You can phone, email, whatsapp or use our Facebook chat option.   Let's start talking about your liquor licence.

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