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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • COST to GET a liquor licence?


    • Cost will be different for each licence application.
    • Costs are different
      • for each province
      • for each service provider


    • Consultant Fees
      • Mostly an all-inclusive fee
      • The fee covers all the work to be done from start to finish
    • Liquor Board / Authority Fees
      • Application Fee (to allow your application to be submitted)
      • Licence Fee (to have your licence is issued/printed)
    • Local Newspaper Fees
      • Advertisements (on the date your application is submitted)
    • Government Gazette Fees
      • Advertisement (on the date your application is submitted)
    • Draftsman / Architect Fees
      • Floor Plan (if not available)
      • Site Plan (if not available)
    • Town Planner Fees
      • Zoning Application Fees (if your premises needs to be rezoned)

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  • COST to KEEP your liquor licence?

    KEEP & PROTECT your liquor licence!   It's a VALUABLE ASSET!

    You MUST protect your licence by paying the following fees :

      • Licence Renewal Fee (paid annually)
      • Penalties  (only if you failed to pay your Licence Renewal Fee on time) 
      • Fines (only if you failed to keep to your licence conditions)

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  • RENEWAL of a Liquor Licence - All the facts


    The cost to renew (and protect) a liquor licence depends on –

    • the province in which the licensed premises is located, and
    • the kind of liquor licence

    because :

    • renewal fees are differentf or -
      • each licence type, and
      • each province;
    • renewal procedure is different in each province.

    Contact Us for advice on what has to be done and let us help you to safely renew you liquor licence!


    All liquor licences must be renewed annually.   Your licence renewal payment date will depend on whether your liquor licence renewal cycle is linked to a calendar year or not. One of the following 2 options will apply to each new licence holder –

    • Linked to a calendar year (1 Jan – 31 Dec) :  If your licence renewal fee cycle is linked to a calendar year, you don’t have to pay the annual licence renewal fee for the remainder of the calendar year in which your licence application was approved.   You will have to pay your first licence renewal fee before 31 December in the calendar year in which your licence was issued - for the next calendar year.  If you licence was issued on 1 April 2020, you will have to pay your licence renewal fee before 31 December 2020.
    • Not linked to a calendar year :  If your licence renewal fee cycle is not linked to a calendar year, you won’t have to pay a licence renewal fee for the 12 month period following the issuing date of your liquor licence. You will have to pay your first licence renewal fee before the end of the 12 month cycle following the issuing date of your liquor licence.   If you licence was issued on 1 April 2020, you will have to pay your licence renewal fee before 1 April 2021.


    This is the easiest, but worst answer to give - Your licence will lapse permanently  

    Liquor Fact -  5% - 10% of all liquor licences lapse permanently each year.   This is due to a large number of reasons, such as :

    • The Manager plain forgot to do the renewal;
    • There was a change in staff and the new guy/girl didn't know the liquor licence had to be renewed;
    • It wasn't clear who was responsible to do the renewal of the liquor licence, so no one took any action;
    • The licensed business closed down;
    • Cash flow problems. 

    Don't risk becoming a sad statistic in this section.   Appoint LiquorWise to attend to the renewal of your liquor licence and enjoy peace of mind.

  • LIQUOR TRADING HOURS - How does it work?


    Liquor trading hours is part of the conditions of each liquor licence.  

    NB - You and all your staff must be aware of the liquor trading hours for your licensed business.  

    Who decides liquor trading hours?

    Liquor trading hours are strictly prescribed and controlled by -

    • Liquor Boards or 
    • Municipalities.  

    Liquor Trading Hours are different for each kind of business, for example : 

    • Off consumption liquor outlets (bottle stores, etc) will usually have shorter trading hours than 
    • On consumption liquor outlets (restaurants, etc), who will usually be open from 08h00/10h00 to 02h00, compared to 
    • Micro-manufacturers (wine farms, microbreweries) (08h00 - 24h00), and 
    • Event / Temporary liquor licence trading hours, which will be for the duration of the event only and depend on the type of event. 

    Who checks up or enforce liquor trading hours?

    Liquor trading hours are enforced by either the local liquor officer or municipal law enforcement officers

    Contact Us to be sure about the liquor trading hours for your area.



    Fines & Penalties will be charged if licence holder, staff or customers do not enforce or keep to the licence conditions.

    The RESULT for non-compliance can be 1 or more of the following :

    FINES - It can be more than R100 000 per transgression, as well as a negative licence record with the Liquor Board.   The amount of the fines depends on the seriousness of the transgression.   Examples of this would be when a holder of an on consumption liquor licence (restaurant) allows -

    •  a customer to leave the licensed premises with liquor, which the customer will consume somewhere else.  
    • liquor to be sold to-
      • minors (under 18 yrs)
      • customers who are clearly drunk
    • liquor to be sold on credit.

    PENALTIES - are usually payable when licence holders fail to pay their yearly licence renewal fees on time.   The amount of the penalty will depend on how long after the due date the payment is made. 

    SUSPENSION - Licences may be suspended or cancelled by the Liquor Board.  This typically done in case of very serious transgressions of the licence conditions.

    CANCELLATION - The Liquor Board can cancel a licence permanently.  This will be the result of a licence holder failing in his duty to ensure compliance with the conditions of the liquor licence in a serious way. 

  • How LONG does it take to get a Liquor Licence?

    Approval Period (Your Time = Money! )

    • 4 to 6 months - If all the role players perform on time.  
    • 2 months - if you are lucky.   
    • Our record = 6 weeks! 

    How do we do it? 

    • We work very hard from the start to finish.  
    • You can’t win the licensing race if you sprint the first half and walk the rest!   
    • For those who keep on knocking, the door will open!!


    • Budget for a waiting period of 4 to 6 months.   
    • Plan for delays due to unexpected events, such as Covid19 or changes to the Liquor Board programme. 
    • Be careful or you may run out of cash.

    NB Factors which make a BIG difference :

    • Your liquor licence consultant–  
      • Go for experience, skill & reputation.  
      • Cheap usually ends up being expensive.  
      • One month’s delay due to an inferior consultant / attorney will cost you a lot more in the end.   
      • The saying – “pay peanuts and you get monkeys…” – is still very true!
    • Your help – Quick & Accurate response from a client is vital.
    • Quality of the application– 
      • The devil is in the detail.  
      • Applications are NOT all the same.  They bear the mark of the consultant, 
      • Liquor Boards know which consultants deliver high quality applications (approved) and who deliver inferior applications (postponed or refused). 
    • Liquor Boards-  
      • Their effectiveness differs from province to province.  
      • Your consultant must be willing to fight the “approval battle” on your behalf - right to the end!

    Contact Us - if you want your licence within the shortest possible time!

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