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New Liquor Trading Hours for Western Cape?

Are liquor trading hours going to be the same for ALL Western Cape liquor outlets?   The WC government believes it should.  It has called for comment from stakeholders on its intention to introduce uniform liquor trading hours for all liquor licence outlets. Currently, each municipality decides on liquor trading hours within its borders after input from local residents.  As a result, the liquor trading hours are different for each municipal area.   The WC government believes the liquor trading hours are "uneven" and "excessive against acceptable norms".   This proposal flies against the accepted principle of allowing communities to decide what is in their best interest. This principle was entrenched in the new WC Liquor Act after extensive consultation and debate.  It will therefore be interesting to see if communities will accept having their right to decide their own liquor trading hours effectively being taken away by the WC government?   


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