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Application for Change of Shareholding in a Liquor Business

Application for approval of the change of shareholding in a Liquor Business?

You may think that buying or selling shares in a liquor licensed business is a private affair.  Not true.   The Liquor Board are very interested in anything to do with your liquor licence.   Even if -

Liquor Boards want to know when there is a change in the identity of the persons who are involved in a business to whom they gave a liquor licence sell liquor. 

Don't get on the wrong side of liquor inspectors and Liquor Boards

Let us help you to submit your application for approval of the change in ownership of the licensed business.   The excitement of owning a share in a liquor licensed business can become sour if your are taken to task by Liquor Authorities.  

Tip - Competitors and members of the public - not the liquor inspector - are often whistleblowers to the Liquor Board.  They may see an opportunity to make life difficult for you and affect your bottomline negatively.  Don't give anyone the chance to point a finger at you!  Let's help you - Contact us today!

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