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Application for a Conference Liquor Licence

Liquor Licence for your Conference (also called a Special Event Liquor Licence or Permit)

Your excited about your upcoming Conference and want your customers to have a drink of their choice while enjoying the Conference. You know you need a liquor licence and want to be legal. You don’t want to risk your good name by getting fined or running into any problems with the Liquor Authorities.

You need to know the basics below. For anything else – Contact Us and we’ll help you.

What qualifies as an “Conference”?

Conferences include any organised meeting at a pre-arranged premises for a specific purpose, such as the annual hospitality industry conference or conference for medical practitioners, etc. 

Which Conferences don’t need a liquor licence?

Any Conference where liquor isn’t sold doesn’t need a liquor licence. So, if you have a birthday party, braai, wedding or family reunion and you don’t sell liquor, you don’t need a liquor licence.

Who must apply for an Conference liquor licence?

The rule of thumb is – whoever is in charge of the Conference. This includes the following persons :

How do you apply for an Conference Liquor Licence or Permit?

NB - The application process and application periods are different for each province. You’ll have to make very sure you follow the correct procedure for your Conference.

The application process 

What happens after approval of the Conference liquor licence?

 The Liquor Board will inform the applicant in writing that–

The Conference liquor licence will be issued and delivered to the applicant on payment of the licence issuing fee.

What should you do while waiting for approval of the application for your Conference liquor licence? 

Contact Us – we submit applications for Conferences on a national basis.

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