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Lawyers - Liquor Licensing Work for Additional Fee Income

Want to increase your fee income? Who doesn’t?   

We present you with such an opportunity via our specialist licensing service for attorneys – tried and tested.

A new future with fresh challenges requires that all of us – including attorneys – have to review current ways of doing business and embrace new opportunities.

What does this option offer?

  • A golden opportunity - Earn additional fee income;
  • Peace of mind – Up to date advice on liquor licence applications;
  • Add value – Impress your important commercial clients by offering additional service;
  • New clients - Attract valuable, new commercial clients.
  • No competition – Our legal experts aren’t practising attorneys and maintain a absolute policy of referring your clients back to you if contacted for future licensing work.
  • Assisting your staff - Your staff can manage most of the paperwork under our expert guidance
  • Fees - Receive a generous referral fee
  • Support - Dedication to superior & professional support levels
  • Confidentiality - always non-negotiable.
  • Proven track record - 15 years and continuing to grow
  • Understanding your challenges - We appreciate the unique challenges lawyers face on a daily basis and the strict regulatory framework to comply to.   Therefore, we insist on the attorney always remaining in charge and taking all final decisions regarding your client’s application(s).  

    Contact Us on 084-424-1966 or [email protected] about this opportunity.

Why do most attorneys shy away from liquor licence applications?

What support does LiquorWise offer you during the application process?

Don't let your business walk out your door to your competition. They will welcome your clients with open arms. Why not choose to generate extra fee income?

Contact Us on 084-424-1966 or [email protected] to discuss how easy it is for you to make use of this opportunity.

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